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Ben Buckler Brewery
Beach Beer Bondi / 375mL / Can
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Another glorious fresh summer day at Bondi beach.

A palate with mild fruity notes that remind you of a crispy summer day munching on watermelon down at the beach.

Mild hops that aren't too harsh on the pallet with some vanilla zesty tones.

Superb! Best get a slab!


About Ben Buckler Brewery

Once upon a time in a little garage on the headland of North Bondi lived a nano brewery, where all types of non-commercial beers have been brewing in secret for the past few years by brewer Paul Parks.

The dream became real once he teamed up with his mate from up north, Brendan Mckenna and the brewing company was formed in 2016.

Today they gypsy brew to bring you Bondi's first and finest craft beers supplying the east coast of Australia.

Beach Beer Bondi is their flagship release giving Bondi Beach it's first craft beer for the Summer of 2018.


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