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This is our blog. A place to connect with our eastern suburbs community.

We aim to share news about the east and about our own company!

SoHi Boutique Spirits

Sohi, a celebrated spirits brand, takes pride in its diverse range of libations crafted with a focus on local ingredients, capturing the essence of the region's distinct flavors. From their meticulously aged whiskies, blending locally sourced malt with subtle smokiness, to their artisanal gins that weave together a botanical tapestry of indigenous herbs and florals, Sohi's commitment to regional authenticity is evident. Their vodkas, renowned for unparalleled smoothness, showcase the purity of locally harvested ingredients.

With each spirit, Sohi not only offers a delightful drinking experience but also pays homage to the unique terroir and flavors of the locality. The brand's dedication to utilizing the bounty of the region ensures that every sip is a celebration of the rich and diverse tapestry of local ingredients, making Sohi a standout choice for those seeking a genuine and flavorful spirits experience.



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