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Mondayitis - One Product To Get You Through The Week

The weather has turned sour here in Sydney and it's expected to stay that way for the rest of the week. But why would you bother venturing out to the bottle shop when you can get booze express delivered to your door and not have to leave the house?

Miserable weather calls for a drink that will warm your heart and brighten your spirits. And what better way to brighten your spirits than with a bottle of some of Russia's finest spirits. Here's the Booze Hound's review of one of his favourite products:

Legend of the Kremlin Vodka

"This is some of my favourite gear when it's disgusting weather and all I want to do is sit inside and sip on something delish. This vodka is great, and while I'm all for bargain buys that will get you just as pissed, you simply cannot beat this vodka for smoothness and and cleanliness on the palate."

"The boys here reckon it's the best vodka they've ever tried and I tend to agree with those schmucks."

"Realistically, $150 is a lot of cash for one bottle of spirits but not when you consider the caliber of this drop. Think about it - top whiskies and champagnes go for hundreds of dollars. Here you can get the very best vodka on the market delivered to you anywhere in the eastern suburbs for $150."

"Not half bad."

"As an added bonus this little beauty has some of the best packaging in the business. It comes in a giant bible-like book - the perfect place to hide your secret stash of vodka. Check out the picture above if you don't know what I mean."

"So if you're looking for an awesome gift or just an amazing vodka for home delivery than look no further than the Kremlin. What a beverage for a rank, cold Sydney week!"

Get your very own bottle of the Kremlin here.

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  This article was written by The Booze Hound - the dog with a passion for delivering things



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