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This is our blog. A place to connect with our eastern suburbs community.

We aim to share news about the east and about our own company!

Why is Booze Hound the bestest alcohol delivery service in Sydney's east?!

Let us tell you why.

Well, let's just start off by saying that we're great at English and also extremely modest.

But the real reasons why Booze Hound is the best delivery service in Sydney's east is because of the six reasons listed below:

1. We're the cheapest!

Unquestionably, our products are the cheapest of any express delivery service available right now in Sydney. Consider us to be a bottle shop on wheels. We don't charge more than you would pay in your average independent bottle shop. And we're proud of that fact.

2. We've got an awesome range!

Our website only represents a tiny portion of our range. We're based out of a bottle shop in Sydney's east, meaning we can deliver just about anything you want to your house or workplace, even if its not listed on the site! If you can't decide what you want to get, just give us a bell and we'll run you through what we've got available to be express delivered to your door. We're pretty knowledgable about this stuff, so don't be afraid to ask. 

3. We don't charge an express delivery fee!

Just in case having the cheapest products wasn't enough to convince you that we're the best, we also don't charge a delivery fee. This is unlike every other express delivery service currently available in the eastern suburbs.

4. We're part of the eastern suburbs local community!

We're all easties here at Booze Hound. We love this community and we want to do everything we can to rid these glorious suburbs of bad booze and rip off delivery companies. We provide this service for our family, friends and the wider community to make life that little bit easier and to take the hassle out of going to the bottle-o.

5. We will not sell you a bad product!

Here at Booze Hound, we taste every single product before it hits our shelves (this includes the extended range in the bottle shop). We love our wines, beers and spirits and can give you plenty of knowledgable advice before you place an order with us.

6. We're pretty nice guys, really!

Customer service is a MASSIVE value of ours at Booze Hound. If your order isn't right or if it's too slow, we'll do everything in our power to make you a happy customer. This has always been a major emphasis of ours, and those who know us from Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop will know that we love all our customers.

So really, there is no argument about who is the best express delivery service in the east!

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