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Friday Special: Sydney's Best Bars

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So you've decided not to get alcohol delivered to your door have you? You think that we're not 'social' enough for you? Fine then, at least let us tell you where to go!

Obviously, since we're eastern suburbs addicts, all of the best bars in Sydney are located within the Wentworth electorate. We don't leave this place. So from Paddington to Watson's Bay, we've got 'em covered. Anywhere else, go ask someone else.

The Cliff Dive, Darlinghurst

Cliff Dive is one of those bars that just about everyone you speak to in Sydney knows about. Unfortunately, this place was in tatters after Sydney's lockout laws brought pain to a number of bars and clubs in and around Oxford St. Luckily, the ever persistent owners revamped the bar and changed it's style. Since its redesign, this bar has remained a tropical sensation. 

The Cliff Dive (Pic: TimeOut)

If you're up for Piña Coladas served in whole pineapples and a little bit of a boogie, this is a eastern 'burbs bar that you will have to frequent.

The Stuffed Beaver, Bondi

This little gem is one of Bondi's most hip, happening bars right now. A Canadian-style watering hole which is bound to get both ex-pats and locals excited. The bar food is delightful, the service is great and the crowd is pretty Bondi but not too Bondi, if you catch our drift.

Located conveniently half way between Bondi Junction and the beach, this is a spot you'll have to check out.

The Stuffed Beaver (Pic: TimeOut)

The Bucket List, Bondi

While we're on the topic of Bondi, this one should be on any person's list of must visit bars (or 'Sydney bar bucket list'... sorry). The Bucket List has an unbeatable location, it may as well be on the sand it's so close to the beach. It does pretty good food, great cocktail jugs and it goes absolutely bananas with locals and backpackers alike on weekends.

Not a bad location - The Bucket List

Eau de Vie, Darlinghurst/Kings Cross

Eau de Vie is a taste of the old school and is one of the finest little cocktail bars in Sydney. These guys do some crazy stuff to their cocktails including lighting them on fire and getting the blowtorch out. The cocktail list is super-extensive and if cocktails aren't your thing, they have a wide range of excellent fine spirits. The coffee negroni is a definite winner.

You may not think you're in the right place when you stroll through a hotel lobby to get here, but you are.

We told you they light stuff on fire (Pic: TimeOut)

Button Bar, Surry Hills

A new Surry Hills hideaway where an old fashioned, dark-panneled, candlelit vibe is perfectly matched by a soothing soundtrack of anything from 1950s folk rock to pyschedelic lounge music playing over the speakers. The bar team is always busy but ready for a (brief) chat. This hidden gem offers a great range of cocktails, including one comprised of beetroot and gin juice, for those of you on a health kick.

Wooden. Candlelit. Trendy. Yes please!

The Sheaf, Double Bay

We have a little soft spot for the Sheaf, locally known as 'The Chief'. This Double Bay institution is about 200m down the road from our headquarters in Bellevue Hill and has been the primary location for many Booze Hound staff parties. The crowd here is quite a bit different from the above mentioned Bondi bars. It is, how you would say, pretty glamorous while still maintaining a healthy level of trashiness.

The famous 'Chief'

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