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This is our blog. A place to connect with our eastern suburbs community.

We aim to share news about the east and about our own company!

Imported Peroni or Not

Can you tell which is which?

We sent our in-house Booze Hound Beer Snob home with a bottle of locally brewed (under licence) Peroni to go back-to-back with a true imported Peroni (the one we stock HERE - we are fussy about only having the imported) and give us a review.

OK - he didn't bother with the journey and just cut to the chase - but we reckon he nailed it...

"The conclusion: it looks like Peroni, smells like a Peroni, and tastes like a Peroni, then it must be a Peroni...
except it's not!"

"It's Lidcombe, and it has no flavour - well, I made that part up about the local brew, but I certainly wouldn’t call the local brew robust, but more of a fairly weak bodied mishmash of sweet flavours, whilst sitting there wondering "where's me bloody head gone."

"It felt like an Aussie driving up and asking where's the VB at, whilst hooning down the road listening to ACDC in flip flops and boardies. Whereas, the imported Peroni tasted like a refined plate of Bolognese pasta on a fine dining plate. Sitting opposite a fine super model, with your white Louis Vuitton shoes on and gold necklaces dangling from your neck."

"Now for the verdict, if someone asks me where's the local Peroni at - I can say proudly; "It's in the corner, you just got to pass the refined imported Peroni and the VB."

"Local Peroni: 3/5 Booze Hounds"

"Imported Peroni: 4.5/5 Booze Hounds"


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