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How to: Get Booze On Melbourne Cup Day

Up for the cup?

Here at the Hound we're not exactly betting experts but we can almost certainly pick the short prize favourites for the all important 'Getting Booze' event. If you are in the eastern suburbs here are your best bets:

1) Call Booze Hound:

Unquestionably, Booze Hound is the pick for convenience, price, speed and quality factors. There's no doubt that we're $1.01 favourites to win in all four of these main event categories. If you're watching the cup, Booze Hound is seemingly the only real choice for your beverage needs in the eastern suburbs or the CBD.

This dude just called Booze Hound for Melbourne Cup beers.

2) Go to the pub:

A worse option than Booze Hound and a much less likely option than the Hound as chances are you'll be at work during the cup. Realistically, it's an option, but why pay more to go get beers yourself when you could just as easily get them brought to you for cheaper.

Shouldn't have gone to the pub.

3) Go to the bottle shop:

This would be a lot of effort for not a lot of reward. Similarly priced to Booze Hound yet much less convenient and without the atmosphere of the pub, this is on the backburner as the third best bet for your day.

A classy day at the races.

4) Call a different alcohol delivery service:

Sure, if paying huge premiums for bad service is what you're into. Purely from an objective, analytical point of view, this is a horrendous option. If you're the kind of person who likes to put all your money on the horse with the worst odds, then this option is probably for you.

Obama Would Be Disappointed

Obama would be disappointed with this choice.

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